This is my story

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I'm an artist. 

I'm a performer.

I challenge myself. I take on new things. I break boundaries and face fears. 

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This is my voice

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Things I love

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  • finding peace within myself

  • understanding that life is here to enjoy

  • seeing people in the audience enjoying themselves

  • skydiving and feeling the sweet surrender when facing huge challenges

  • finding the joy in telling the story, singing the songs, trying new things on stage


Things I've learned

  • if it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing

  • investing in myself

  • listening to my body

  • honesty and communication are vital parts of moving forward

  • if there is a situation I don't like I'll either change it if I can but if I can’t, I will accept it, which again gives me much more peace it helps me to stay positive

  • sometimes you have to do things yourself, push yourself, and create your own reality




Things I'm grateful for

  • following my gut which has always kept me happy

  • taking myself to places I’ve never been before whether it be Jamaica, Lisbon, or Copenhagen or to a deeper level of the character I play on stage

  • performing on stage and sharing my voice with you

  • that my hard work pays off


I'd be grateful if you shared your voice with me.


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Rey Rodriguez


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